Shaped Note Sight Singing

Shape Note Sight-Singing

Through the years we have developed an effective curriculum for teaching students to read music by sight. This not only allows one to sing a yet-unknown song, but also to sing harmony parts as composed by the song’s writer. Sight Reading (or Sight Singing) is an invaluable skill to the vocalist.

At The Singing School, we teach our students to read music using SHAPE NOTES. In just two short hours, students learn how to sight-sing simple melodies and harmony parts. Each year the curriculum calls for 7½ hours of time in the sight-reading classroom. Many of our students call this their favorite class, because of the enjoyable and accessible way it’s taught.

These lessons are most effective when practiced throughout the year. In the past few years, our students have requested handouts of our visuals so that they can work on these concepts between summers at Abilene. Here are some of our most-used visuals and exercises:

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