Monday, July 11, 2022
2022 Texas Normal Singing School Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Our online preregistration process came to a close last night and we’re very excited to welcome each of our 138 participants to the 2022 program. We continue to pray for you – for broken spirits and contrite hearts; for clear voices and understanding minds; for safe travels and health – as Singing School is just around the corner.

Please read this entire email as most of your pre-Singing School questions should be answered here and very important information for all participants is shared. If you have additional questions, and for all general inquiries, please contact Levi Sisemore at (806) 777-8417.

Travel Itinerary (Key Contact: Darla Lowry, 580.819-0103)

If you are flying into/out of Abilene, we would be happy to shuttle you between Abilene Regional Airport and the Abilene Christian University Campus or the Whitten Inn. In order to do this, we must have your flight information (date and time of arrival and flight number) – let us know ASAP by replying to this email. Please let us know if you have an adjustment to your itinerary.

Required Forms

Please visit the Required Forms page on our website to find the required forms for all participants and minors. These should be presented at on-site registration on Sunday afternoon.

Lodging and Accommodations (Key Contact: Tony Kite, 806.781-6381)

If you registered to stay in the Dillard Hall dormitory, your reservations have been made. You do not need to bring pillows, sheets, etc., as those are provided by Campus Housing. Toiletries will not be provided; bring your own toothbrush!

If you registered as staying in the Whitten Inn, please remember that you are responsible for making reservations. You can call them at (325) 673-5271. We have negotiated a group rate for you, but you must request it and identify yourself as being part of the TNSS group. We will not be making any reservations at the Whitten Inn, so you must be responsible to do this on your own.

COVID-19 and Singing School (Key Contact: Dr. Tim Lowry, 580.772-4752)

The Singing School was blessed to find windows of opportunity to meet in 2020 and 2021. Because of the cooperation of our students and faculty, we managed to completely avoid any cases and/or transmission of COVID-19 both years. We would love to say the same thing about 2022. Once again, this will require your sincere cooperation. Presently, Taylor County, Texas is classed as having a “low” incidence rate of COVID-19 by the CDC.

Masking has not been, nor will it be, required by the Singing School. We leave decisions about vaccinations, masking, and social distancing up to each student and we request a mutual respect and deference for one another. “…be at peace with one another” (Mark 9:50).

The CDC suggests using a home test kit immediately before entering an event like ours, or as close to the time of the event as possible. Especially if you have been recently infected or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please use a self-test, disclose your situation to our Board of Directors, and test until negative before joining our program. The best way to be confident is to test negative forty-eight hours before the Singing School and to get a second negative result immediately before joining the student body. We also strongly recommend that everyone bring a test kit and to use it if you begin to feel symptomatic, isolating as needed.

We will have a simple screening and temperature check at registration on Sunday and, if warranted, daily checks each morning.

When You Arrive

If you’re arriving Friday (or earlier)…

Please notify Levi Sisemore (806.777-8417) upon your arrival by text message (include your name) and call Tony Kite (806.781-6381), housing coordinator. If you’re staying at the Whitten Inn, proceed to their front desk and they will handle your check-in. If you’re staying at Dillard Hall, make your way to Dillard Hall on the ACU Campus and we will assist you with check in.

If you’re arriving on Saturday…

Please notify Levi Sisemore (806.777-8417) upon your arrival by text message (include your name) and call Linda Kite (806.792-1381). If you’re staying at the Whitten Inn, proceed to their front desk and they will handle your check-in. If you’re staying at Dillard Hall, make your way to Dillard Hall on the ACU Campus and we will assist you with check-in.

All Singing School participants who are in town by 6:00 PM on Saturday are invited to meet at Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory to enjoy a meal together and for the in-person fellowship to begin.

If you’re arriving on Sunday…

The Singing School has been invited to assemble with the Remington Ridge Church of Christ. If you are available to join us, they have classes at 9:30 and a congregational assembly at 10:30. There are many other congregations to visit in Abilene as well.

On-site registration for the Singing School will begin at 1:00 PM on the ground floor of the rotunda of the Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building (approach from the west). You must come to us and register on-site. At registration you will pay your balances, take placement exams (optional), receive class assignments and materials, get your housing assignments and keys, and begin to meet your instructors and fellow students. Registration closes at 5:00 PM. Please do not wait until 5:00 to come to registration (we would like to try to transition away from registration by 5:00).

Mandatory orientation for the 2022 Singing School will be held in the Chapel on the Hill at 6:00 PM, Sunday, July 17. After introductory sessions of our classes, we will join together for a short chapel service and share in the Lord’s Supper before being dismissed for the evening (group trips to Dairy Queen will begin on Monday night).

Are You Graduating?

If it is your intention to graduate from the four-year Worship Leader Certification or Women in Church Music Programs this year, please let Levi know, ASAP.


Our contract with Campus Food Services begins on Monday at breakfast (7:00 AM) in the Campus Center. Meals are your responsibility until that time. If you need to eat supper after on-site registration, be sure to allow enough time to be in place for orientation and classes at 6:00 PM Sunday night.

Payment of Balance Due

Now that pre-registration is closed, we can begin to calculate the exact totals each student owes. If you need an invoice (e.g., you’re bringing a check from your congregation) ASAP, please let us know and we will prioritize your transaction(s).

Otherwise, balances are due at on-site registration. Checks are preferred. Payment options also include PayPal, credit/debit, and cash.

Additional Questions

If you have any other questions – about logistics, class schedules, etc. – feel free to telephone Levi Sisemore at (806) 777-8417.

Johnny Lee Dunigan Memorial Scholarship Fund

John Dunigan was an instructor at the Singing School for about 15 years. He died on June 5 and many members of the Singing School family were able to honor his memory at a memorial service on July 9 at the North Texas Church of Christ (Northlake-Argyle-Roanoke-Justin) where he was a member and worship leader; he also regularly led worship for the Denton, Texas church of Christ. There have already been donations to a scholarship fund in John’s memory. If you would like to make a contribution to this fund – or to learn about other donation options to TNSS, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization – please visit with Levi Sisemore, TNSS treasurer.

ACU Campus Map (locations of Dillard Hall and Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building marked): link

Telephone Numbers and Addresses you should have

Linda Kite, housing coordinator for Saturday

            (806) 792-1381

Tony Kite, housing coordinator; board member

            (806) 781-6381

Darla Lowry, transportation

            (580) 819-0103

Tim Lowry, health/COVID coordinator; board member

            (580) 772-4752

Levi Sisemore, registrar; general inquiries; board member

            (806) 777-8417

24-Hour Pharmacy: Market Street Grocery Store

            4450 Buffalo Gap Rd – (325) 695-5300

Nearest Pharmacy: Walgreens (8am – 10pm)

            1005 N Judge Ely Blvd – (325) 695-5300

Abilene Regional Airport

            2933 Airport Blvd

Dairy Queen

            1626 Texas Hwy 351

Dillard Hall

            633 E North 19th St

Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building

            1850 Teague Blvd

Remington Ridge Church of Christ

            138 Remington Rd

Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory

            1026 N Judge Ely Blvd


            1650 Texas Hwy 351

Whitten Inn

            1625 Texas Hwy 351