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Dates for 2021: July 18-23, 2021
Registration CLOSED at midnight on 7/11/21

Special Statement

The 2021 Texas Normal Singing School and COVID-19

With some modifications to our traditional plans due to Coronavirus-related obstacles, the TNSS Board of Directors is making plans for the 2021 session. Even during 2020, we were blessed to have a window of opportunity and the Singing School was conducted without any incident or disruption due to any student- or staff-related health issues. Our aim is to give our students a great experience in worship and learning together despite any changes we may have to initiate. We ask for your grace and flexibility.

We will be complying with national, state, and local guidance as we move forward, while also reminding our students, faculty, and staff that each one is responsible for preserving his own health. Presently in the State of Texas, there are no masking or space-usage regulations from state, county, or municipal governments. Any group that meets is free to set its own rules and follow its best judgment in these matters.

Major Notes for 2021

  • If you are feeling ill at any point in the two weeks prior to the Singing School, do not attempt to come. The best screening we can do is to require those who may be infected with the Coronavirus to stay away.
  • All Singing School participants must sign and submit Waiver and Release of Liability form.
  • You must pass health history screenings and daily temperature checks to participate.
  • No unaccompanied minors this year (a parent or a designated parents’ representative must be on-site). In addition to the above form, all accompanied minors must provide this completed form (Liability Waiver & Health Release form for Minors) upon registration.
  • This means that many pages on our website may not show a 100% accurate picture of the 2021 Texas Normal Singing School (e.g., descriptions of the university campus).

2021 Tuition Discounts
Early Bird Registration rate ($25 discount) if you register on or before June 6.
Recruiter Discount ($25) for each new student you recruit to Singing School.
Read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

For inquiries about the Singing School,

please call (806) 777-8417 or email ACUSingingSchool@gmail.com.

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The Texas Normal Singing School


At The Singing School, our goal is to train men and women to excel in the public worship and assemblies of the church. We believe that everyone has a part to sing! We specialize in a cappella, congregational singing.

We offer training in three major areas of church music:

Song Leading, Song Writing, and Singing with Excellence.

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