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Past Worship Leader Conferences

Singing the Psalms: Dr. Jack Reese, ACU Bible Department and contributor to Timeless

July 13-14, 2012

All of us know the melody and lyrics to a few of the psalms from the Old Testament. But most of us cannot boast that we can sing every psalm in the Bible. This condition may be about to change. There is a new psalm movement already at work among churches of Christ. This summer’s workshop will focus on the concept of singing the psalms.
We will present the history of the psalms in the Old Testament. We will review how Israel utilized the psalms in the age of the kings and then later in the age of the synagogue. We will briefly review the history of the “Psalter” among Protestants.

We will introduce the most recent movement to revive the psalms. We will introduce a few of the new psalms that are currently beginning to be published.

The new psalm movement will also be reflected in the singing school. The singer’s workshop will present some of the new psalms, and our sight reading classes will learn to sing a few of the new psalms as a part of our effort to help all our students develop their ability to sight read new songs.

We are truly blessed to be able to link The Singing School with recent trends in church music. This new psalm movement may prove to be a grand progression in the development of church music.


A Weekend with Hymnologist Sonny Taylor

July 8-9, 2011

Sonny Taylor has become our Brotherhood’s premier hymnologist. He has spent the last 22 years of his life researching gospel singing in our Brotherhood. He has searched for many song writers who have contributed to our repertory. He has interviewed them, photographed their world, and explored their adventures in church music.

Sonny has become an expert in copyright law as it is applied to church music. He has found the network of song writers and agents. He has counseled extensively with people who want to publish songbooks. Now, he has produced three songbooks.

He has also become an album producer. He now works with some of the best singing groups in our Brotherhood.
We have invited him to be the central focus of our pre-Singing School workshop and, to our delight and excitement, he has accepted the invitation.

We have suggested that he bring to the event some of the presentations he has developed, introducing song writers and other historical events relative to church music. He will bring his new songbooks, and he will talk with us about what is happening today in church music.

Sonny is one of our most up-to-date students of the trends in church music. In addition to surveying our Brotherhood, he has traveled abroad on hymn journeys.

We will give you time to interview and question him during the workshop.

To see more of Sonny Taylor’s products, visit www.taylorpublications.com.