Singing School 2021
Women’s Certification Track

Women’s Certification Track

Certification is also open to women (Certification in Women’s Music Ministry).  This certification is designed to equip women to serve the Church through teaching children and other women about music, sharing their gifts through opportunities to sing in a small group for special occasions (weddings, funerals, nursing homes, etc), helping train the next generation of song leaders and congregational singers while they’re young and most apt to learn, plus the numerous other opportunities there are to minister to others through music.

Certification in Women’s Music Ministry requires several of the same classes as the men’s certification, but there are also two gender-specific classes which must be completed: The Amazing Power of a Woman and Music & Children. There is also a Women’s Song Leading course taught by women for women and a Women’s Senior Seminar: Special Music course designed to introduce the students to the various applications for “special music”.