Singing School 2021
Travel To/From Abilene/ACU

Travel To/From Abilene/ACU

Driving: The City of Abilene is located on I-20. ACU is on the northeast side of town, just a mile from the Interstate.

Click here for a Campus Map. Points of interest on the map for Singing School students are: 60 (University Park Apartments), 46 (Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building), 41 (McGlothlin Student Center & Cafeteria).

bible_light_towerTake the Ambler Street exit towards town and ACU (you should be able to see the Tower of Lights from the Interstate). Turn left onto Judge Ely Blvd. Immediately past the ACU Baseball Field you will see the entrance to the University Park Apartments.

If you have arrived before Sunday afternoon, please telephone Levi Sisemore (806.777.8417) for

If you have arrived in time for registration (Sunday from 1:00-5:00), then proceed down Judge Ely to the main entrance of ACU (Teague Blvd.). Enter there and make your way to the parking lot that services the Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building and the Gibson Health and Physical Education Center, located between the University Park Apartments and the main entryway. Walk towards the Tower of Lights and turn left to enter the Bible Building. The Singing School staff will be inside, operating the registration process.

Flying: Abilene is not only served by a small local airport, but also by Midland International Airport (164mi), Lubbock International Airport (170mi), Dallas-Ft. Worth (174mi), and Love Field (184mi). If you plan to fly directly into Abilene, let us know your flight information and we will arrange for your pick up and for your ride back to the airport at the end of the week.

When to Arrive: Registration for The Singing School is from 1:00-5:00 on Sunday afternoon, but we’d love to have you here as early as we are so that we can get to know you before The Singing School starts. Even better would be if you could participate in the Annual Worship Leaders’ Conference which precedes The Singing School. In that event, plan to be here Friday afternoon (the Conference begins at 7:00 PM at the University Church of Christ Chapel, 733 E. North 16th Street).

Be advised, however, that your tuition only covers room and board from Sunday afternoon through Friday at lunch. Additional nights in the University Park Apartments cost $25/person and meals are on-your-own. There are several restaurants in the vicinity of ACU.

Planning Your Departure: We urge every student not to make plans to begin your trip home before noon on Friday. The Singing School will not end until that time. The noon meal on Friday will be the last meal on your cafeteria meal ticket. If you have a plane to catch and need a ride to the Abilene Regional Airport, we must know by Friday morning to arrange travel for all of our fliers.