Singing School 2021
Song/Worship Leader’s Track

Song/Worship Leader’s Track

Song Leading is the oldest track of study we offer through The Singing School and it remains our most popular program.  These core classes will prepare and equip a man to competently lead and coordinate God’s people in worship through songs and other activities.  Everyone is a fit for The Singing School: Some of our students have no background in music theory and no background of experience as a song leader when they come; some of our students have little or no background in music theory, but they have led singing for years; some of our students have a broad background in both music and leadership. We can accommodate this diversity of students in our school due to our large, experienced teaching faculty and breadth of curriculum.

We teach that Song Leading is both an art and a science.  The first two years of our curriculum are “science-heavy.”  We believe in training a man in the fundamentals, to be able to direct a song from a technical (“scientific”) standpoint.  This includes training in how to project one’s voice, pitch a song, how to find the tempo of a song, how to beat various time signatures, and how to overcome common problems that often confront a song leader. Students learn confidence in their skills, knowing that they can lead any song proficiently.

The third and fourth years of the training build on the foundational elements from years one and two and expose the student to the “art” of song leading.  It is at this point that the Song Leaders’ Track broadens into the Worship Leaders’ Track. In fact, these years are designed to not only polish the song leading student, but to prepare them for being the Music Director or Worship Minister in a congregation. In these two years there is advanced training and coaching in singing and song leading as well as full treatment of other components of worship.

Men who complete all four years of this program (200 hours) will have a comprehensive view of the church’s worship and assembly and will be equipped to effect positive change “back home,” in singing, attitude, and perspective.