Singing School 2021
Men’s Certification Track

Men’s Certification Track

Most congregations would not allow a preacher in the pulpit to guide the spiritual development of a congregation who had never been a serious student of the Bible. In fact, most congregations require that a man have studied at a School of Preaching or a Christian University to attest to his spiritual and academic preparations. Why is it, then, that churches allow untrained and – at times – ill prepared men direct the worship of God’s people week after week?

There are, of course, many men who have been wonderful song leaders in our Brotherhood over the years. However, there has never been a comprehensive training program to develop those skills in others. At The Singing School, we have taken our instructors’ combined experience of almost 300 years in leading singing to create a certification program aimed at developing just such leaders.

The Public Worship Leadership Certification takes four years (summers) to complete. Even if a student is knowledgeable in the music theory classes, there are theology and history classes we require before recognizing a man as suitable for certification.