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Former Faculty and Staff

Though it’s difficult to confirm a claim like this, we’re told that the Texas Normal Singing School is the oldest, still-active Singing School. In this storied seventy year history, many men and women have contributed to the Lord’s successes at TNSS. Below many of our fellow instructors and staff members from years past are listed (though this list is not exhaustive; updates and corrections are welcome). Many of these men and women have passed on from this life. We look forward to singing with them again in the eternal presence of God.

  1. Early Arceneaux (Bible school program)
  2. Ricardo Barrera
  3. Luther Blackmon (Bible school program)
  4. J. “J.T.” Blackstone
  5. John Blackstone
  6. Don Boring
  7. Gladys Boring
  8. Holland Boring, Jr.
  9. Holland Boring, Sr.
  10. Gary Box
  11. Royce Bressie (Bible school program)
  12. Don Carlile
  13. Walter Chaney
  14. Clinton “Clint” Davis
  15. Louis Dickey
  16. John Dunigan
  17. John Flickinger
  18. Edgar Furr
  19. John “Tinker” Furr
  20. Leroy Furr
  21. W.L. Fricks (Bible school program)
  22. “Scooter” Gierisch
  23. Heather Hoffecker
  24. Jeff Jones
  25. Gene McGuire
  26. Ken McPherson
  27. Marvin Perry
  28. M.R. Phillips (Bible school program)
  29. Claude “Buddy” Sessions, Jr.
  30. Claude Sessions, Sr.
  31. Stanley Stevens
  32. Jeanette Tackett
  33. Austin Taylor
  34. Rebecca “Bicky” (Lawson) Tolar
  35. Don Wood
  36. Jerry Yoder