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Women’s Certification Program in Church Music (WC)

Women’s Certification Program in Church Music (WC)

WC301 – Women’s Certification Program (The Amazing Power of a Woman)

Recommended for: Any third or fourth year student interested in the topic. There is no tuition charged for women attending with an enrolled spouse.

Required for: Women’s Certification Program

Description: Building on the foundation of Genesis 1-3, this class explores the ways God powerfully uses women in the Kingdom

Goal: Prepare women to accept their place of power in the kingdom with great joy


  1. Male / Female
  2. The Garden and the Fall
  3. Status and roles
  4. What men need
  5. What society needs
  6. New Testament texts
  7. Headship
  8. Submission
  9. Where we are today


WC302 – Women’s Certification Program (Music and Children)

Recommended for: Any third or fourth year student interested in children’s ministries

Required for: All Certification tracks

Description: Music is a vital tool in teaching core truths to children. This class explores ways to use music in classes to amplify the learning and enjoyment of Bible truths.

Goal: To give teachers and education ministers a foundation for teaching and using music in children’s Bible classes


  1. How music increases learning
  2. How to teach basic music principles to children
  3. Using movement in learning
  4. How to write songs for use in children’s classes and chapel times


WC303 – Women’s Certification Program (Women’s Song Leading)

Recommended for: Any third or fourth year student interested in women’s song leading

Required for: Two years for Women’s Certification

Description: Basics in leading singing for women’s activities and special music

Goal: To equip women with the skill to direct singing for women’s activities


  1. Basics of music
  2. Directing in different time signatures
  3. Music interpretation


WC401 – Women’s Certification Program (Women’s Senior Seminar)

Recommended for: Any fourth year student interested in “special music”

Required for: Women’s Certification

Description: Introduction and applications for “special music”

Goal: Equip women to meet special music opportunities in their congregation


  1. Finding sources of music
  2. Starting and maintaining a special group
  3. Fulfilling music needs for special occasions