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Song Writing Courses (SW)

Song Writing Courses (SW)

SW101 – Song Writing

Recommended for: Any interested in writing lyrics and music

Required for: All song writing students

Description: Basics in lyric composition and music authorship to more advanced assignments in arranging

Goal: To write a singable song while in this class


  1. Lyric composition
  2. Music authorship
  3. Styles of songs
  4. Arranging


FS101 – Finale® Software (Introduction to Finale Music Publication Software)

Recommended for: Any interested in writing and/or publishing music

Required for: Any song-writing students

Requirements: The student must bring their own laptop to use in class

Description: Basics of Finale and its use in publishing music

Goal: To gain a basic knowledge of the use of Finale


  1. Loading Finale on your computer
  2. Setting up Finale for use
  3. Entering music
  4. Entering text
  5. Formatting the page
  6. Formatting endings
  7. Dynamic markings
  8. Using shaped notation
  9. Printing music from Finale
  10. Saving Finale files in pdf format and making slides for PowerPoint®