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Sight Reading Courses (SR)

Sight Reading Courses (SR)

SR101 – Sight Reading 101 (Beginning Sight Reading) Recommended for: Any interested in learning how to read music Required for: All first and second year students Description: Learn to read shaped notes, note length, observe repeats and observe dynamic markings Goal: To equip the student to read new music and voice parts Topics:
  1. The major diatonic scale
  2. Determining the keytone
  3. The minor scale
  4. Note length
  5. Rhythm patterns
  6. Voice parts
  7. Repeats and endings
  8. Dynamic markings

  SR201 – Sight Reading 201 (Advanced Sight Reading) Recommended for: Any interested in expanding their sight reading ability Required for: Those completing any of the certification programs Description: A continuation of building skills learned in Sight Reading 101 Goal: To equip the student with skills to read more difficult music and conventional notation Topics:
  1. Tune intervals
  2. Sing and understand major and minor intervals
  3. Sing 3 forms of minor scales
  4. Sing chromatic notes using solfege
  5. Sight read completely unknown material
  6. Lead or rehearse group rehearsals and sectionals for unknown material
  7. Sing solfege of a memorized melody without written assistance
  8. Identify a song by the written melody alone