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Course Catalogue

Music Education for Everyone

Music education is the very core of the singing school’s curriculum. We offer four sessions of classes for beginners and advanced students alike, in theory, appreciation and application classes.

The basics of music theory and sight reading classes are a full survey of church music using shaped notes to accelerate the learning curve. We cover everything you need to know to read and understand what you see in the music found in our hymnals. Sight reading makes up two hours of class time each day. Later, introduction and advanced harmony classes offer studies in chord structure and their application in church music.

Song leaders receive training in the basics and advanced techniques of leading congregational singing. They are coached in classes designed to develop their skills. Video is used to allow the student to see for themselves where further work is needed and where progress has been made. Worship planning and the use of projected hymns are covered in the advanced classes. The art of providing music leadership in the local church to sing new songs, to help the congregation improve its singing skills, and to provide a complete music program for the local church are covered.

Four music appreciation classes offer studies in the history and trends of church music, the history of public worship, and the scientific principles of music and acoustics.

Individuals wishing to learn the basics of song writing receive instruction in not only music theory, but also the principles of good lyric writing and music composition.

Those wishing to increase their skills as singers and to master the performance skills required in a cappella congregational singing, attend the singer’s choral workshop. Directed by a thirty year veteran director, new songs are introduced, practiced, and performed each evening.

There is something at The Singing School for everyone who wishes to increase their effectiveness in their home congregation.


Our courses are broken down into 10 sections:

  1. Music Theory Courses (MT)
  2. Sight Reading Courses (SR)
  3. Song Leading Courses (SL)
  4. Song Writing Courses (SW)
  5. Music Appreciation & History (MA)
  6. Singer’s Choral Workshop (SC)
  7. Men’s Certification Program in Public Worship (PW)
  8. Women’s Certification Program in Church Music (WC)
  9. Post Certification Courses (PC)
  10. Escuela de Canto (SP)


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